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Thin FTP Single Website License

License Options
The single website license is the lowest priced option available for all our products. We encourage you to obtain a single website license before choosing other higher priced options.

According to the terms of this license, you can install the FTP Applet on one server for use on a single website. The means if you have the same website mirrored on different servers you would need to obtain additional licenses. If on the other hand you have several sites hosted on the same server, the ISP license would be the best option. Volume discounts are available on all license schemes.

If you have different subdomains but each subdomain essentially points to the same content (eg www.thinfile.com and thinfile.com) one license is sufficient for both subdomains. If however you have entirely different content on the different subdomains or they are on different servers, you need to obtain separate licenses for each subdomain.

The above description is applicable to both the standard and professional editions of the Thin FTP applet.


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