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Thin FTP Source Code.

License Options
You can license the Java source code for the Thin FTP Applet so that you can customize the products for an even tighter fit with your existing web application. The source code for both the standard and professional edition is available for licensing.

Our license terms allows one person to work with the source code at any given time. The source code may not be installed on more than one computer. If you need to have more than one user working on the code you can obtain additional licenses at deep discounts.

Once you make your modifications and create a compiled binary product, that compiled binary can be installed only on a single website. If you integrate the modified version into your applications and redistribute it you need to obtain a redistribution license as well.

Before you obtain the source license please be so kind as to obtain a single website license to make sure the product suits your requirements. You may even find that the source license is not needed, since the product behaviour can be changed by merely changing it's configuration.


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