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Thin FTP Professional

Thin FTP (Professional Edition) makes it even easier to integrate FTP functionality into your web application. It can be configued for automatic login for greater continuity in the data flow.

When you enable the automatic login feature, the applet can retrieve authentication information from your web application and use this information to establish a connection to the FTP server. That means a user who has already been authenticated by your web application does not need to provide his username and password again to manage his files. In fact the user doesn't even need to know that he is using an FTP client.

Another benefit of using Thin FTP Professional Edition is that you do not need to create a separate shell account for each user. One account can be shared by many users. The script that is invoked by the applet to retrieve authentication data is fully customizable and adapted to further automate the file management process if needed.

All the features available in the standard edition including recursive folder upload downloading, multi-threading etc are available in the Professional Edition as well.

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