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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the different between the FTP Applet and the SFTP Applet?

The FTP and SFTP protocols are very different from each other despite the similarity in their names. The File Transfer Protocol does not involve the use of encryption so usernames and passwords as well as the file data are transferred between the client and the server 'in the clear'. This statement is true for all FTP clients not just ours.

SFTP on the other hand is a sub protocol of SSH and all data transfers and command data will be encrypted. Thus an evesdropper will not be able to gain access to your sensitive files if they are transferred with an SFTP client

My site has thousands of visitors how many licenses do I need?
If you are only planning to use the applet on one website you need only a single license. The number of users does not matter.
What is the difference between Thin FTP and Thin FTP Upload?
The latter, Thin FTP Upload is a file uploader. You can use it for recursive folder uploads. The former Thin FTP is a fully featured FTP client that can download as well as upload files. It includes all the other features expected of a File Transfer Program.
Do you undertake custom software development?
No we do not. However we do undertake customization projects of our existing products. If we do modify our products in any way, we retain all rights to the customizations including the right to resell and reuse the customized versions.
What is the relationship between Thin File and Rad Inks?
We are a licesee of Rad Inks' technology.
If I order your products can I later ask for a refund?
Evaluation versions are available for free download. You can make sure that the product meets your requirements with these evaluation versions. We will happily provide you support on any difficulties that you may encounter either in testing or in using the full release. As a result it will be difficult for us to comply with any refund requests.
Do I have to renew my license annually?

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