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Thin FTP Applet is a full featured File Transfer Program that can be easily integrated into your website or web application.

You can use it to carry out recursive folder uploads and downloads. Entire directory trees being transfered in single click. Interrupted transfers can be resumed. That's not all that the applet can do; it can be used to rename, delete and change permissions of file and folders and do almost anything that you can do with your favourite desktop FTP client.

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Even though Thin FTP is a web client, it's appearence is no different from the traditional 2-Table interface found on many desktop clients. It is full featured, yet light weight (approx 80KB). Because our FTP client, is an applet, it does not need to refresh itself each time a file transfer or any other operation takes place.

The Professional Edition provides even tighter integration with existing web applications by allowing for automatic login.

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